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What to get someone who has everything

What to get someone who has everything.

what to get someone who has everything

What to get someone who has everything, is one of the toughest quandaries faced each gift giving season whether it is Christmas, Birthdays, Mother’s Day or one of the many other holidays. Many times it is especially hard because the type of person who has everything is normally generous with what they have towards you and very dear towards you.

While I do not have everything, I know I can be hard to buy for because I don’t really need anything. The older I get the more and more I realize how little I truly need. I look around the house and I have a lot of stuff and too much of it I honestly never even use. As Christmas is coming up and people keep asking me what I would like, I have come to the realization that I really don’t want more stuff. What I want is more time and more experiences with the people I truly care about.

When I think back over the years it is really the experiences with people that matter the most and I don’t remember many things that I have gotten as gifts but many of the special experiences I had as a kid still stay with me. I also am able to form many of my own memories with my kids by sharing experiences with them. My wife has a tradition to go to the Nutcracker with my daughter every year and they look forward to it. It is a special time that they remember. We have taken the kids on the Polar Express train ride for many years as well and it is something we all will never forget. Seeing their excitement when Santa comes on the train and bundling up in the freezing cold waiting for it to arrive are things I know they will remember for the rest of their lives.

When I was a kid we always went to see “A Christmas Carol” at Christmas and that still stays with me. I know my parents could have done many things but the theater tickets they bought for us to spend time as a family year after year are times I will never forget. I also remember being lucky enough to have them buy theater tickets for us to see Peter Faulk and Jason Alexander in a two person play at the Geffen Playhouse in a great play called Defiled. Peter Faulk walked right past me as part of the performance when I was sitting on the aisle and I remember the night like it was yesterday even though it was 15 years ago.

When you are considering what to get someone who has everything or what to do with your family this year, you should consider spending at least some of your money on doing things that you will all remember and having an experience that the whole family will enjoy. There are many plays and events locally no matter where you live and chances are you can find something everyone will enjoy. Why not check out our list of tickets in your local area for your family or buy theater tickets for your friends or family around the country. It will certainly be something they never forget and something they do not already have.

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