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Google Cultural puts you on stage

If you have ever dreamed of being on stage instead of just watching a performance you have to check out this new release from the Google Cultural Institute. It allows you to use your computer to see what it would be like to be on stage at some of the most famous performing venues in the world, from the Royal Shakespeare Company in England to the Met In New York to the Opera houses of Europe, it is utterly amazing. You get to see things you would never be able to see in person like this backstage view of the Opera National de Paris.éra-national-de-paris/MwFixmW5o_f5jw?projectId=performing-arts

Not only can you see many of the stages as if you were on them but you can also see mini performance videos at some of the venues and special photos and virtual tours of the facilities. It is really an interesting way to learn more about some of the places you have only dreamed of going or to get to know more about some of your favorite venues that you frequent. I know I learned some new things about the Met by exploring the Google site even though I have been there several times in person. It is a really interesting way to see these historic and famous places and even to hear the sounds of the performance in many of them. It is truly worth checking out.

Of course if spending time on the site makes you think about how you would like to head to another live performance near you or when you are traveling, we hope you remember us to buy your theater tickets. In the meantime, I think you should check out this wonderful Google cultural site and see some of the amazing theaters and performance venues they have and let yourself imagine being up on the stage performing for thousands of appreciative fans.

If you want a quick primer on how to use the Google Cultural site before jumping in, check out this video they did: