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How to get tickets to see Hamilton On Broadway

How to get tickets to Hamilton


As you are probably quite aware, tickets to Hamilton are almost impossible to get. The musical Hamilton on Broadway, is arguably the toughest ticket to get right now and its for a great reason. The show is filled with an all star cast and excellent score, it has won a ton of critical acclaim. Mix that with the fact that it’s on Broadway in the city that never sleeps and has more residents than any other in the country, not to mention the tourists,  and you have a supply and demand problem that you would need some magical help to fix. Most people have settled for buying the music and resigned themselves to the fact that either they would see it in a maybe year when tickets to Hamilton on Broadway can be purchased for face value or pay a kings ransom.

Well I can’t offer you any magic but I can offer you some advice on getting those seats and hope that it helps make you the envy of your friends, which you may find you have many more calling to remind you of their friendship when they find out you have a pair of tickets. Here’s four ways to get tickets, and I wish you all good luck!

Tips to get Tickets to Hamilton

Tell people you want them. Surprising as this sounds you won’t get tickets unless people know you want them. Someone who is lucky enough to get a pair won’t think of you if they don’t know how much you want, make that need, to go see Hamilton on Broadway! Talk to your friends and relatives and use your social networks to let people know you want to get tickets but can’t. Check LinkedIn and Facebook and see who you may know who has connections, but you didn’t realize might be able could hook you up. Tell people over and over again because you don’t know who is listening on social media and many of your friends may miss that tweet the first time you send it. Whatever you do make sure you get the word out because your friends can’t help you if they don’t know you want tickets to Hamilton.

If your friends can’t hook you up with tickets to Hamilton you can try the lottery. No not the local pick 6 jackpot but the Theater’s lottery. The Richards Rogers Theatre holds a lottery before the show and sometimes there are a couple shows a day so you can try your luck a couple times. How do you do it? Well it depends on the lottery type they are running. They either run it at the theater or online. A quick check of their website can tell you which is going on at the moment.

It is pretty easy to get into the in person lottery.  You just have to get to the theatre in advance and fill out your info on an entry slip and cross your fingers for when they pull the names out of a bucket. Want an extra edge? The NY Times has some good tips on winning a Theatre Lottery: If they pull your name you get two front row tickets to the show for ten bucks, which is possibly even better than winning the local pick 6. Make sure to bring some luck and a friend so you can both enter and if either of you win the two tickets you both win. Need the address to the Theatre so you can show up for the lottery?

They also have an online lottery you can join. this allows you to enter online as much as you want and if you are picked you are notified and have an hour to pay for the tickets at face value. The catch is the entry is $10 a time, or a Hamilton, if you will.

If you win this lottery the two tickets you get to buy are front row!

If you are a really lucky person you can wait in the normal box office line and hope for a cancellation for the show that day. Here are some tips. Be really nice, you’re probably only the ten thousandth person that day to try and if you want a shot at the person working the box office remembering you or taking an extra step to check a little harder you should try being really nice. Try bringing a cup of coffee or a pastry with you make yourself stand out and truly appreciate the person you are asking for help. You don’t want to throw away your shot.

If your friends can’t get you tickets and you try your luck and it goes someone else’s way don’t worry. You can always buy tickets from us. At we are laser focused on Theater Tickets and can get tickets to just about any show you want to see, including Broadway shows and especially Hamilton at the Richard Rodgers Theatre. We love to help people get tickets and guarantee 200% that the tickets you buy will get you into the show. We hope you are able to score tickets at face value but if you are not we hope you will buy from us.

If you would like a slightly different take on getting seats to Hamilton on Broadway from the L.A. Times, here is a great article to check out:


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