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Keep your tickets safe

You just spent a lot of money to see a show you were looking forward to, here is something to keep in mind to keep those tickets safe. It is not only important to buy from a reputable ticket company, such as ours 🙂 with buyer protection,  but once you have received your tickets it is very important to keep them safe.

You just got those seats you have been dying for and your friends are going to be so jealous. What’s the first thing you’re gonna do? Go post them on social media right? Well that could be a problem depending on what you post. In the old days that wouldn’t be a problem, when tickets looked like this.

safe ticket to post no barcode
Old Cubs Ticket No Barcode


But now that our phones have excellent cameras in them and almost every ticket you buy has a barcode on it, like the ticket below, all you need to do is brag on social media one time and someone can grab that picture of your ticket and make their own. If they get to the concert or play, etc before you then when you get to the entrance you will be turned away because your ticket, even though it is genuine has been stolen and used virtually.

not a safe ticket to post with barcode
Newer ticket with barcode


Some best practices for keeping your tickets safe

  • Don’t share high quality photos of your ticket barcode with anyone.
  • Buy your tickets from the source or a reputable reseller such as ourselves.
  • Use good passwords on your email and ticket accounts.

Some tickets can go for thousands of dollars that can be very tempting to a thief. It is always best to follow these guidelines and make sure that the only thing you have to worry about on your time out is enjoying the show!

Another great article by US News gives you some tips to buying safe tickets in the first place.

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