About Us

We are a small company with extensive resources able to get excellent tickets to any major venue in the country. If you want to see a show we are the place to go. TheaterTickets.com has been selling tickets since the late 90’s. We acquired the business in 2015 and have weathered the Covid shut downs while making our customers whole. No one who had a canceled show had any issues getting full refunds from us. We really stand behind our business and want to be a place you can come to over and over again for a great experience with no hassles. We can get you wonderful seats at great prices. We have excellent connections with a myriad of ticket providers which allows us to present you with the widest section of tickets available to the event you want to see.

Anyone can offer tickets for sale but we want to do more than that. We want to build a bridge between the performing arts and their fans by offering relevant information about the shows, performers, and venues, so that your time at the event is truly special.
Although we specialize in theater tickets we are able to get tickets for any major event from Concerts to Sports so feel free to search our inventory if you are interested in other events as well. If there is something you want to see that we do not show tickets for in the search results, feel free to reach out to us and we will see if we can get you the tickets to the show you want to see.

Our commitment to customer service is our main priority. This is more than just lip service. We want to make sure you enjoy your time out with family or close friends. If there is anything we can do for you, if you see things you would like us to change, or you just want to say hello, please feel free to reach out anytime.  The contact us page goes directly to our email and we will return your inquiries promptly.