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Hamilton Ticket lottery in Chicago

Want to know the best way to get in on the Hamilton ticket lottery in Chicago? If you want a chance to get the best seats in the house for a Hamilton a.k.a. $10 read on. It is almost impossible to get tickets to Hamilton for face value as the show is the hottest thing going on and now off Broadway. It has been the subject of many jokes about how hard getting tickets to see Hamilton is. There is even a scene in the recent Saturday Night Live where Lin Manuel Miranda, the creator of Hamilton is asked by Lorne Michaels the creator of Saturday Night Live if he can get tickets for the show and Lin says he can’t promise anything.

The good news for us is that it doesn’t matter who you are or who you know the creators of Hamilton have started something new called Ham4Ham which they brought to Chicago as well. Ham4Ham is a lottery which allows you to sign up each day for a chance to win two of the best seats in the house for $10 each. That’s right the Hamilton ticket lottery in Chicago give you a chance to win the best seats in the house for $10.

Sounds too good to be true right? Well it is and I am sure you are wondering what the catch is. Well, there is no catch but it isn’t easy to win. I am not sure the exact odds but the show is extremely popular and there are many entries each day by fans just like you who want to win. You also have to be in the Chicago area and by your computer. The lottery is digital so you need to enter each day online. If they pick you they will email you and you have an hour to pay for the tickets you won. If you miss that deadline you are throwing away your shot. They choose winners each afternoon so you have to not only pay within the hour but also be able to be at the theatre that evening at the box office before the show starts in order to get your tickets. This means you need to be close enough to get there through traffic in the loop or on the Dan Ryan and pick up your Hamilton tickets in Chicago that same night.

How to enter the Hamilton Ticket Lottery in Chicago aka


If you are up for it you can enter on the official Hamilton Musical APP on the ITunes store here,or the Google Play store here. The App is the best way to enter in my opinion as well as to get news on Hamilton and other cool stuff they give away. If you are interested in entering on the website you can do it here, If you are not able to win or want more of a sure thing you can always buy tickets from us with our 100% money back guarantee. Good luck with your shot!