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Springsteen on Broadway Lottery for tickets

With Bruce Springsteen on Broadway tickets going for thousands of dollars on the Secondary market it is hard for an average fan to afford to see the show. If you are feeling lucky you should try the Springsteen on Broadway lottery. It gives you a chance to win tickets for $75. I will lay out the good and the not so good as well as how to enter the lottery so you can give it your best shot to see the show without raiding your kid’s college fund.

How to enter the Bruce Springsteen on Broadway lottery.

They make it pretty easy to enter the Springsteen on Broadway lottery to get tickets. You can enter once a week to win tickets to any or all of the 5 weekly shows. You can enter on the official lottery website. If you win they will contact you via an email and a text to the phone number you give them. If you do not get notified you can check manually to see if you won about 12pm the day prior to the performance you entered to win tickets to. You have until 4pm of the day before the show you win tickets to pay for those seats or you will forfeit them. I have not seen the odds published but I expect it is thousands of people entering each week.

If you do not win there is a chance you can still get regular priced tickets this way as well. By entering you can add your name to a list and if the box office releases new tickets they will let you know so you can get a chance to buy them for the current price of $200 to $875.

Where are the seats if you win the Springsteen on Broadway Lottery?

The seats you win can be anywhere in the theatre. Keep this in mind because this means you may be sitting near the front of the theatre or you may be standing with a standing room only “seat”. You also may be sitting upstairs and they do not have an elevator to get to those seats. If you need special accessible seating you should contact [email protected] and they will do their best to help but it is not guaranteed.

The tickets you win may also be obstructed view and they may not necessarily be next to each other if you buy two tickets but they do say that they try their best to put you both together.

At the end of the day we think it is worth trying to win tickets. You should also have the person you want to take with you enter so you can double your chances. Springsteen on Broadway is a unique opportunity to see the Boss up close and personal. The Walter Kerr Theatre holds less than a thousand people and really any seat in the house is probably going to be much closer than most people will ever get to Springsteen. The show itself has won critical acclaim from so many places I lost count and everyone I know who saw it loves it. If you are Springsteen fan, getting Springsteen on Broadway tickets is a once in a lifetime experience. All of us at wish you the best of luck. Of course if you don’t win we have seats with our usual guarantee – you get the tickets you pay for and they will work when you enter the venue. Enjoy the show!