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Wicked the Musical – Faqs

Wicked the Musical

If you are interested in seeing Wicked the Musical but have some questions about it, you have come to the right place to get some answers. Here are some high level questions and answers about the show. As always feel free to Contact Us if there is something you wanted answers to but couldn’t find in this article.


What is the story of Wicked on Broadway?

First it is important to note that while Wicked is currently on Broadway at the Gershwin Theatre, and also one of the longest running shows in Broadway history to boot. It is also part of a touring show as well playing in cities around the United States ,and it is playing in London at the Apollo Victoria Theatre. It is able to be successful in so many venues at the same time because it is such a good story that so many people can relate to.

Wicked is a musical that has two witches as the main characters in the story. They are witches that you are probably already familiar with if you have seen the Wizard of Oz. One of the witches, the wicked witch of the West, you know the one with the green skin, Elphaba give the show it’s name. The other good witch of the South, Glinda is asked at the start of the musical if she knows Elphaba to which she responds they were best friends at one time. Then the story goes on to show what happened before and after the Wizard of Oz and has some unexpected twists for some well known characters such as the scarecrow and love interests along the way for both witches.

How long is the Broadway Show Wicked?

There are two questions here that people ask the same way. The answer to the first is that Wicked is about two and a half hours long. So plan on spending three hours there when counting intermission and getting seated at the beginning of the show.

The other answer is that it has been on broadway since 2003 so it is currently the 10th longest running Broadway Show of all time. That is an amazing accomplishment and it does not look to be slowing down any time soon.

Where can I see Wicked the Musical?

Currently Wicked is playing on Broadway at the Gershwin Theatre. It is playing in London at the Apollo Victoria Theatre. It is also touring the United States. You can check out the ticket listings page we have for the latest on the tour venues as that changes routinely. Right now the show is in San Francisco.

It is definitely worth seeing in person, or seeing again.


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