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When is Broadway Reopening?

When is Broadway Reopening


When is Broadway Reopening? The short answer is probably Fall 2021. The longer answer is Broadway is Reopening July 1 according to Mayor DeBlasio, but that is not what most people think of as Broadway. If you are talking about the major theaters and shows like Hadestown, or Hamilton then you will have to wait until the Fall.

The Music Box Theatre will be open soonest but it will be hosting concerts and not the famous Musical Dear Evan Hanson until June 1, 2021. Which is great because it will be the first time we get a show on Broadway with a live audience in over a year. (Get your tickets now by clicking this), Also Broadway is opening for smaller shows, this summer but they are not the blockbusters Broadway is famous for like Cats, or The Lion King. For those you will most likely have to wait until the Fall.


Will attending the Theatre on Broadway be safe?

Yes! You can bet that the multi-billion dollar business of Broadway will make absolutely certain that it will be safe when it re-opens. It is still a bit early to say exactly what it will look like but I know from reading various publications in the theatre industry that there will be things like temperature monitoring, social distancing, and sanitized theatres. It is also going to be fun and memorable like it was before.


Should I go to Broadway when it reopens?

Yes please, please, please go. It will be safe, it will be exceptional, and most of all you will be supporting artists, directors, actors, set and stage designers and stage hands, ushers, etc. There are so many people who depend on Broadway to make their living and we at love and support The Arts as you do. You can believe we will be first in line when the Theatre is reopening and will feel perfectly safe supporting the arts and enjoying ourselves. If you need tickets of course we can help,