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Date Night Idea – A night at the Theatre

Date Night at the Theater

With Valentine’s Day coming up I can’t think of a better date night idea than taking your date to the theater. To be sure buying candy and flowers is a nice idea and getting a card to communicate your feelings is wonderful, but there is something about going out to a live performance that will bring you closer together and make memories that will last a lifetime, or at least much longer than a box of chocolate.

The thing that makes going to the theater the best date night idea in my opinion, is that it has something for everyone. First of all you can get tickets to any kind of show you want to see, there is sure to be something in most performances for everyone. If you like singing or dancing or comedy or wit and repartee there will be a show that has exactly what you are interested in.

There is also something about a live performance that makes things more real, and more dramatic. Seeing the actors right before your eyes is an experience that far surpasses the best hd t.v or local movie theater. The dynamic interaction of the actors and the set on stage bring the level of authenticity home in a way that makes you feel like a part of the show instead of a casual observer. In a good performance you are transported into that time and place along with the actors.

The characters deal with real experiences that are part and parcel of everyone’s life in a way that you can relate to. A show like Les Miserables deals with redemption and the choice of helping someone, condemnation and the idea of justice and how it can be perverted. Even something more fantastical such as the Little Mermaid deals with real emotions such as love and sacrifice and truths that are greater than one person or society.

A date night at the theater will have you thinking and talking about the shared experiences and ideas that moved you in the play in ways that a box of chocolates never could. It will have you learn more about yourself and more about your date while you talk about the play for many days, or listen to the soundtrack you just have to buy afterwards, so you can continue the experience.

Let’s not forget the entertainment value. The actors that you will see and the songs they will sing are nothing short of spectacular. It takes a lot of hard work to put on a play and the people who perform in them do it because they are passionate about it. It takes a certain amount of excitement and passion to commit their lines to memory, show up night after night to perform and day after day to practice. The vast majority work very hard at doing something they will be proud of and that will amaze the audience and bring them in to the story that is being told. There simply are not that many places you go today where the people there are so excited about what they are doing and want to do it for you!

When you are planning out your next date night look at the local theater and see what is playing. Surprise your date and make memories that will last a lifetime. If you need tickets to the show, please remember to check with us. We would love to be a part of making your date night special.